Never worry about your lease term again

Release offers a protection coverage for all those who rent.


$7.50/ mo
1 out of 3 New Yorkers break their lease while living in the city.

Release protection
gives you a piece of mind.
We guarantee to find someone to take your apartment lease within 14 days. or money back!

What is Release?

Release is a rental protection service for anyone who rents in New York City.

While common leases have no cancellation clause, renters often find themselves in a pickle when they need out…
Walking away and leaving behind your security deposit (and possibly damaging your credit) or trying alone to find someone else to take over your lease could end up being a frustrating process and costing you thousands of dollars, Release offers a solution for pennies…

We developed a super-efficient marketing platform that is 17 times more likely to find a new renter to take over your apartment lease, without losing your security deposit and without paying a broker’s fee. We are so confident in it, that we have a 14 days money back guarantee.

Why Release Plan?


We’ve got your back! Whenever you need, break your lease with our full support,

No Broker’s Fee

Instead of working with one broker Release works with ALL brokers, and you don’t pay for it…


Our sophisticated marketing platform is amazing! We will find you someone to rent your apartment to. Faster than any broker.


If we are not successful in finding a new renter for your apartment within 14 days, we will refund you your payments.

People all over New York trust us

“I got someone to take over my lease in just 11 days! Release made this nerve-wracking move to a really easy one! Well done!”


“When I needed to break my lease, by using Release my apartment was advertised everywhere! It made a huge difference, saved me a ton of money, and made the process really easy and fast!”


“Knowing that brokers in the city will see my apartment gave me the confidence to break my lease when I needed to.”


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